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Gravity Surveys
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The gravity method is a passive, non-destructive geophysical technique involving the precise measurement of the Earth’s gravitational field at specific locations on the Earth’s surface. Careful processing and imaging of these measurements provide for the detection of subtle gravity changes due to lateral variation in subsurface density. Earth scientists can therefore use gravity data to make inferences about Earth’s density structure.
The gravity method can be used to detect density variation on all scales; from microgravity surveying for natural or man-made voids, to prospect scale surveying for ore deposits, to space-borne surveying to characterise the shape of the Earth’s core.
Geo-Earth specializes in ground based gravity surveying from microgravity (10s of m) to regional (100s of km) scales. Gravity is our bread and butter. It’s what we are good at and accounts for most of our business activity. Our gravity survey capabilities include:
Microgravity0.5m – 10m
Detailed10m – 100m
Semi Regional100m – 1000m
Regional1000m – 10000m

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